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Top 5 mistakes Aesthetics Practices make when hiring:

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

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1) Paying Below market for the designation & experience they're seeking. Low compensation compared to the competition can impede qualified professionals from expressing interest in a job opening. Ask about our Compensation Reports if you're unsure of market compensation rates geographically (

2) Combining 2 or 3 job titles in one role for the same compensation. ie: Aesthetic Nurse/Practice Manager/Social Media Marketing Wizard. We see the "kitchen sink" approach often & its a rare occurrence when it doesn't backfire! Seeking an Aesthetic Injector with 3+ yrs experience? So is almost every Aesthetics Practice out there! Now tack on: answering phones, booking appointments, requiring a person with a hefty "book of business"/social media following, profit and loss responsibilities, managing, scheduling, onboarding & training new staff & you've got a recipe for HR headaches! Not to mention the risk to your business if this one cornerstone person decides to leave.

3) Underestimating the need for experience in clinical staff! We've had practices call in an absolute panic when they've gone against our advice, taken the hiring process on themselves, didn't heed warnings to "look before you leap" & called in a panic after hiring an inexperienced clinician who'd gone on to max out laser settings when treating a patient, resulting in 3rd degree burns. It's medicine people! Yes liability insurance exist, as do laser protocols but human error operates in conjunction and there are no substitutions for experience! Don't damage your brand unnecessarily by overestimating the bandwidth to train green staff- hire smart!

4) Believing that you have a "value add" when all the aesthetics clinics in your area are offering the same or more to attract employees. It's been tough to get folks back to work post pandemic, many employed in the field of Aesthetic Medicine chose the primary care/hospital route during the past few years for the consistent stability of a more structured environment. If you're trying to entice those valuable employees back to the aesthetics field, best to tap in to what would motivate them to return. Paid parking? Transportation stipend? Health Insurance? 401K? Childcare? Stay competitive within the field of Aesthetic Medicine and Medicine in general if you're looking to attract the largest talent pool.

5) Branding yourself & not your business! Many aesthetics practices make the mistake of centering their brand around an individual practice owner and fail to establish a brand outside one specific person, impeding the ability to scale. Branding yourself into a corner can be a red flag for employees wishing to join your organization who are attracted to growth opportunities. Sure dancing on TikTok can provide you an opportunity to let your personality shine but it can backfire if it appears all about you all of the time. Don't pigeon-hole your brand and jeopardize the viability of your business in the eyes of potential investors and employees by commandeering the spotlight, let your team shine!

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