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How to get good people to stay: 5 Easy Steps!

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

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Good employees are like gold in Aesthetic Medicine!

In our work with the industry’s leading professionals we find that once hiring occurs often the fear shifts from "How to I attract people?" to "How do I retain the professionals I've hired?"

Our advice:

  1. Maintain good Communication: the foundation of solid Human Resources is strong communication. Regular online or in-person meetings where people have the opportunity to discuss comments/questions/concerns are important in fostering camaraderie and providing customer excellence.

  2. Know current market rates for professionals of the skillsets your organization employs. Understanding what market rates are for compensation will ensure employees won't start to feel comparatively disadvantaged if they decide to explore employment opportunity elsewhere.

  3. Focus on culture. Just as every human is different, every company has its own unique flavor which reflects in the culture of the organization. Does your Aesthetics Practice enjoy team building exercises? Charity events? A company picnic? A corporate baseball team? What makes working for your organization unique? Those seeking new employment generally prioritize "cultural fit" along with other factors such as compensation when considering employment offers. Make sure to take a moment to showcase the people behind the corporate brand and don't be shy to give kudos to employees via company social media for those doing an exemplary job.

  4. Consider implementing a benefits package if you haven't done so already. Medical, Dental, 401K contributions and bonus structures based on target performance goals can be the differentiators that assist in driving great potential candidates to your door and keeping them there.

  5. Offering ongoing training can keep long term employees engaged and ensure that clinical staff, management and sales team members maintain the highest level of skill available. It's a win-win, so consider implementing ongoing training for employees. A booming industry requires long term thinking in terms of scoping out career trajectories for staff and ensuring clinical and sales training is made available. Tap in to the resources of your Aesthetic device Sales reps and you'll generally find a multitude of training resources available (free and paid for additional training hours).

These 5 tips should get you on your way towards not only attracting solid professionals to work, but fostering a culture in which employee retention is sound long-term.

Let me know what you think!

Laura Lawrence

The Beauty Agent

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