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Find talent & Build your "Beauty Brand"

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

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Creating your "Beauty Brand":

In the recruiting business we work with 2 kinds of candidate - Active and Passive. Active candidates are in the market looking for work, passive candidates are happily employed. HR professionals agree, the top talent is almost always passive and while they are harder recruit they can be "difference makers" for your business.

At ONCALL we believe your people are your "Beauty Brand". They are the most important ambassadors of your vision and in the world of aesthetics your "Beauty Brand" is everything. To build an incredible "Beauty Brand" you need the most experienced recruiters with the best reputation, best candidate roster and the strongest clinician network available on your team.

Here's How We Help:

We work closely with you to identify your needs bringing our years of experience and market knowledge to the table to create a compelling job description that sells your spa/clinic/practice over all others . Then we go into the market using our dedicated researchers supported by an intense social media campaign and our industry leading data base to comb through dozens of resources. We work hard to find the best available candidates for our senior recruiters (all of whom have deep industry roots) to screen, interview and present to you for interviews. At the same time we coach you through discussions on compensation and hiring techniques and align your preferred candidates' expectations with yours to make the entire process smooth and comfortable for everyone.

Once you've chosen your preferred candidate, we help you to build a compelling offer letter, coordinate negotiations and work as your broker to get the best fit for both you and your new team member. We want to make sure you don't just get the hire, but that you get a Great Hire that generates the client experience & the Beauty Brand that will drive the profits you're after!

Once you've got the hire we're here for the long run. We warranty all our hires for 90 days and even after that we believe that sometimes its good to have the ear of an outside professional to coach you through any hiccups that might come up in the relationship. At ONCALL we are here to help you stay "Beautifully Staffed", which means we're here whenever you need us...just call!

And remember, great customer experiences that generate repeat business and fabulous word of mouth comes from your "Beauty Brand". Your people are the greatest reflection of your vision there is, so don't cut corners when it's time to find a new team member. Do it right and your decision to hire will pay off in ways you can't imagine.

ONCALL is North America's only recruiting firm specializing exclusively in Medical Aesthetics. We have more than 50,000 clinicians in our database and over 100,000 industry followers across all our social media platforms. We are proud to boast a 100% track record of success placing candidates when we take on a search.


OnCall Medical Aesthetics Recruiting

‘Beautifully Staffed’

Toll free North America: (866) 886-3335

Recruiting throughout North America: Aesthetic MD, PA, NP, RN, MA, LE, Sales, Practice Managers & more!

Laura Lawrence - aka: The Beauty Agent, has more than 100,000 industry followers online. With experience in the Medical Aesthetics field across North America and as the founder of ONCALL Medical she has unique insight into the state of Medical Aesthetics H.R. everywhere on the continent. ONCALL Medical is the premier recruiting firm in North America specializing exclusively in Aesthetic Medicine.


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