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What's Driving the Surge in Recruiter Activity - Is your staffing falling behind?

In recent years, the medspa industry has experienced a significant transformation, driven by a wave of consolidation sweeping through the market. As large corporations and Private Equity funds acquire clinics and chains merge to form formidable entities, the landscape of medical aesthetics is evolving rapidly. Amidst this shift, a notable trend has emerged – medspas are increasingly dependant on recruiters to source qualified and experienced medical providers.

The allure of medspas lies in their promise of enhancing beauty, rejuvenating skin, and providing non-invasive cosmetic procedures in a relaxing environment. However, behind the scenes, ensuring the delivery of safe and effective treatments requires skilled medical professionals with expertise in dermatology, plastic surgery, or related fields. With the expansion of the industry and the diversification of services offered, the demand for such professionals has surged.

Consolidation within the medspa sector has intensified competition among players vying for market share. Larger entities seek to differentiate themselves by offering a broader array of services and maintaining high standards of quality and safety. Central to achieving these objectives is the recruitment of top-tier medical talent capable of delivering exceptional results while upholding medical ethics and standards.

Recruiters have emerged as vital partners in this quest for talent. These specialized professionals leverage their networks, industry knowledge, and recruitment expertise to identify, attract, and secure qualified medical providers for medspas across the country. Their role has become increasingly crucial as clinics strive to fill key positions efficiently and expediently in a competitive hiring landscape.

One of the primary drivers behind the reliance on recruiters is the specialized nature of the roles within medspas. Unlike traditional healthcare settings, medspa environments demand a unique blend of medical expertise, aesthetic sensibility, and customer service skills. Finding candidates who possess this combination of qualifications can be challenging through conventional hiring channels alone. Recruiters, however, excel in targeting candidates with the specific skill sets and experiences sought by medspa employers.

Furthermore, more medspas are acknowledging the costs of trying to hire internally vs using a recruiter and have come to realise the benefits. In general:

While internal hiring may seem cost-effective on the surface, the cumulative and increasing expenses associated with advertising, administrative tasks, and training can add up over time. Moreover, the opportunity cost of staff time spent on inefficient recruiting activities detracts from other critical business functions.

Conversely, while using a recruiter incurs upfront fees, the time saved, access to talent networks, and reduced risk of bad hires ultimately result in cost savings for medspa operators. By streamlining the hiring process and facilitating faster placements, recruiters are helping to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

In an ultra tight labor market within the medspa industry, where qualified candidates are scarce and competition for talent is fierce, the benefits of using a recruiter outweigh the costs. By outsourcing recruitment to experts who specialize in the field, medspa operators are more often seeking to efficiently fill key positions with top-tier talent, driving business growth and success in a challenging environment.

Moreover, the consolidation trend has led to the emergence of corporate medspa chains with multiple locations spanning regions or even nationwide. For these entities, maintaining consistency in service quality and standards across diverse locations is paramount. Recruiters play a pivotal role in ensuring that each clinic within the chain is staffed with competent and capable medical professionals who align with the company's vision and values.

Another factor driving the reliance on recruiters is the scarcity of specialized talent in certain geographical areas. In locations where the pool of qualified medical providers is limited, medspa operators face stiff competition for talent. Recruiters possess the expertise to navigate these challenges, employing targeted strategies to identify candidates willing to relocate or commute for the right opportunity.

Choosing the Right Recruiter

Critical to the choice of which recruiter to engage is the depth and breadth of the recruiters’ network.  Choosing a recruiter with a large network of candidates is paramount for medspa operators navigating a market with ultra-low unemployment amongst qualified professionals. So, its critical that before you choose a recruiter, you ASK how extensive their network is for the position you are looking to fill.  Here's why:

·       Access to Hidden Talent Pools: A recruiter with an extensive network can tap into hidden talent pools that may not be actively seeking new opportunities but are open to the right offer. These passive candidates often possess specialized skills and experience that can be invaluable to medspa operators.

·       Speed and Efficiency: In a competitive hiring market, time is of the essence. Recruiters with a broad network can quickly identify and reach out to potential candidates, expediting the hiring process and minimizing the risk of losing top talent to competitors.

·       Quality Candidates: A large candidate network increases the likelihood of finding qualified candidates who meet the specific requirements and preferences of medspa operators. Recruiters can cast a wide net to source candidates with diverse backgrounds and expertise, ensuring a robust pool of talent to choose from.

 Industry Expertise: Recruiters specializing in the medspa industry often have established relationships with professionals and organizations within the field. They understand the nuances of the industry, including the skills, certifications, and regulatory requirements essential for success in medical aesthetics.  OnCall’s founder, Laura Lawrence, has over 20 years of industry experience with most of that on the clinical side.  This gives us unique insight into the relationship between employers and candidates that no other recruiting firm has.

·       Competition for Talent: In a tight labor market, medspa operators must compete with other employers, including medical practices, hospitals, and aesthetic clinics, for qualified candidates. Recruiters employ creative strategies not generally available to non recruiters to differentiate their clients and attract top talent.

·       Passive Candidates: Virtually all qualified aesthetics professionals are employed, and most are content in their current roles, making them less responsive to recruitment efforts – particularly those coming directly from a competitor’s desk. Recruiters maintain a unique and collaborative relationship with their candidate pool and employ persuasive tactics based on their intimate knowledge of the candidate’s goals, objectives and aspirations to pique their interest and entice them into considering new opportunities.

·       Candidate Reluctance to Change: Even when presented with attractive offers, candidates may hesitate to leave their current positions due to factors such as job security, benefits, or loyalty to their employers. Established recruiters have deep labor market knowledge and know how to address candidate concerns while effectively communicating the benefits of making a career move.  A good recruiter also coaches you, the client,  on the best approach to gaining the trust, and ultimately the services , of any specific candidate making the hiring process smoother, more fair and enjoyable for all parties.

·       Limited Geographic Reach: In certain regions with ultra-low unemployment rates, the pool of qualified candidates may be geographically concentrated, making it challenging for recruiters to access talent outside of their immediate area. Again, the recruiter’s network is critical and their creative sourcing strategies and remote work arrangements can help mitigate this limitation.


Furthermore, the medspa industry's dynamic nature, characterized by evolving treatment technologies and changing consumer preferences, necessitates a proactive approach to talent acquisition. Recruiters stay abreast of industry trends, emerging treatments, and regulatory changes, enabling them to anticipate staffing needs and pre-emptively identify suitable candidates if they have an extensive and well-defined network.

Despite the benefits of engaging recruiters, medspa operators must approach recruitment partnerships strategically. Building collaborative relationships with a reputable recruitment agency, communicating clear expectations, and maintaining transparency throughout the hiring process are essential for success.

In conclusion, consolidation in the medspa industry has propelled clinics to rely more heavily on recruiters to source qualified and experienced medical providers. As the competition intensifies and the demand for specialized talent grows, recruiters play a pivotal role in helping medspas secure the expertise needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving market. By partnering with recruitment professionals, medspa operators are more and more navigating the complexities of talent acquisition more effectively while ensuring that their clinics remain at the forefront of innovation and excellence in medical aesthetics. We here at OnCall Medical Aesthetics Recruiting know that we are the best and have been since our launch in 2017, so don't hesitate to reach out today and ask how we can help you be more successful with your recruiting needs.

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