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Top ways to save money, time and headaches by using a recruiter

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

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1. Access to a wider pool of qualified candidates

At OnCall Medical Aesthetics Recruiting we have more than 10,000 active resumes of Aesthetics professionals in our roster – people who want us to find them their next best Aesthetics job. There is simply no other way to access such a broad pool of qualified candidates to fill roles for your practice. In todays near 0% unemployment market, OnCall is your go to provider to find skilled Aesthetic practitioners North America wide, fast and cost effectively.

2. Ability to focus on other aspects of the business while the firm handles the recruitment process.

Ask yourself how many hours and days have you spent sifting through resumes of candidates who have no experience with Aesthetics or just don't fit your needs? Now imagine if you could hire a temporary HR professional for six weeks who knows everything about Aesthetics and knows where all the best people are and how to get them to want to work for you. Someone who will make all the calls, screen the candidates and make sure you don't waste any time interviewing duds. How would you spend the time you save? Marketing, sales, customer service or maybe just spending time with your family. How much is that worth to you? That’s why hundreds of clients since 2017 have trusted OnCall to get the job done. You should too.

3. Increased efficiency and speed of the hiring process

Our average time to hire is 4 weeks. That may seem like a lot but in such a tight labor market sourcing candidates who are gainfully employed, finding time to interview them that fits both their busy schedule and yours, making an offer and getting acceptance just doesn’t happen any faster than that – unless of course you are brilliantly lucky. Delays in hiring can cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue and customer turnover. Is it really worth the risk to save the few dollars it costs to have the experts go to work for you and get it done right and fast? Comparing the opportunity costs of not getting the right hire done, using a recruiter makes complete financial sense.

4. Expertise and experience in identifying the best fit for the company.

We’ve got almost 30 years of industry expertise and close to 10 years as the top recruiter for Medical Aesthetics all over the United Stares and Canada. Our goal is to make sure the candidates you hire are the best possible fit based on available professionals in your marketplace today. And our track record of success since 2017 speaks for itself. You'll save time, money and headaches by letting us, as the industry's top recruiting firm, bring you the RIGHT people to join your team.

5. Objective and unbiased approach to candidate selection

Our job is to find you the best and right fit. We sift through the process of candidates selling themselves to make sure you get professional and objective analysis of prospective hires so you can make the best hiring decision possible. Given the extraordinary costs associated with a bad hire, recruiting fees are a great investment to make sure you hire well.

6. Enhanced candidate experience and improved employer branding

What does it say about your practice when the top recruiter in the business calls a prospective employee? If you want the very best people to “want” to come to work for you, your “HR Brand” is critical. Hiring well is the number 1 critical component of financial success for your business and using a top recruiter shows everyone in the market that you are serious and care about hiring the right people for your team. After all, who wouldn’t want to work for you when they know how much you care. As the old saying goes, no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

7. Reduced time and cost associated with recruiting.

When was the last time you hired? Remember sifting through dozens of resumes, or worse not getting any at all? How much time did you spend researching the candidates to whom you allocated valuable interview time? How much research did you do into their background to sort through the standard resume padding. And what was all that time worth? Using Oncall speeds up the process and makes sure the detailed screening work gets done before a candidate even makes it to your desk. So how are you going to spend that time? And what’s it worth?

8. Improved retention rates of new hires

The numbers are clear. Employees who are recruited by an outside agency stay longer than those you hire directly. And since it costs 2.7X an employee’s annual compensation to replace that individual, retention is financially critical, not to mention the importance of consistency for your patients. So, ask yourself, can you afford not to use a recruiter?


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