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The Top 5 Critical Elements of Success using LinkedIn for finding Medical Aesthetics staff

The number of first-degree connections you have on LinkedIn influences the reach and visibility of your job postings which is why OnCall is so unique.  Since 2017 we have built a 1st connection community of Aesthetics providers of more than 50,000 professionals.  But that’s not the only factor that determines success. While having a large network is certainly a huge factor for success, the quality of your connections and the engagement level within your network are equally important. Here's a breakdown of the key considerations and how OnCall drives results in your employee search:

  1. Reach and Visibility:

  • Having a substantial number of first-degree connections increases the initial visibility of your job posting within your network.  Without it, no one sees your listing even if you are using LinkedIn’s paid service – you get buried in their vast array of other job postings.

  • A larger network leads to more immediate views, Top of Listing views, likes, and shares extending the reach of your job opening.

OnCall Medical Aesthetics has Medical Aesthetics 1st connections North America wide in excess of 50,000 individual professionals across multiple regionalized accounts making us BY FAR the most tapped in LinkedIn users in the industry when it comes to reaching prospective employees.  Building that network takes years and if you don’t already have it built your outreach will be next to impossible.  Its 1 reason our Value Priced Medi-Search and Medi-Search Pro plans are so successful with a near 100% placement rate.

  1. Targeted Connections:

  • While quantity is important, the quality of your connections matters as well. Your network has to  include professionals relevant to the industry and job function for which you're hiring.

  • Targeted connections are more likely to engage with and share your job postings if they find them relevant to their interests or network.

OnCall & The Beauty agent LinkedIn communities have been built exclusively for the Medical Aesthetics world.  Our capacity to reach the industry is unparalleled when we put to work our 50,000 plus LinkedIn community, our 10,000 plus resume data base of qualified, experienced and active candidates and our total North America wide community of more than 100,000 Medical Aesthetics professionals.

  1. Engagement and Interactions:

  • The level of engagement within your network is crucial. It's not just about the number of connections but how active and involved they are on the platform.

  • Encourage your connections to interact with your posts, such as liking, commenting, or sharing, as this can boost the visibility of your job opening through the LinkedIn algorithm.

We interact with our community on a daily basis posting our blogs, industry news, surveys and of course job listings across all our social media platforms.  This keeps us engaged with the community as the top source for employment and a trusted information provider.  Our posts matter and people pay attention.  In fact when we send out an email on a job listing we get 98% delivery and more than 80% open rates.

  1. LinkedIn Groups:

  • Join and participate in relevant LinkedIn groups. This can expand your network beyond your first-degree connections and increase the chances of reaching professionals interested in your job opening.

Groups can be highly effective “IF” you are moderating and you stay engaged on a regular basis.  OnCall moderates groups of Aesthetics Professionals and has regular engagement so our content and job listings gets traction.

  1. Targeted Outreach:

  • Use LinkedIn's advanced search features to identify and connect with professionals who fit the criteria for the open position.

  • Personalized connection requests can improve your chances of building a quality network of potential candidates.

In today’s environment it takes months if not years to build your connections in LinkedIn.  With the new 100 per week maximum invite rule, the newly reduced ad capabilities (as of March 2024), and the extended period of time it takes for connections to respond, there’s just no way to build your network to fill positions in a timely fashion if you haven’t already done it in advance.  All our search offerings include access to our LinkedIn Community which is why we’re so effective.

In summary, while having a large number of first-degree connections on LinkedIn can enhance the initial visibility of your job postings, it's equally important to focus on the quality of connections, engagement within your network, and targeted outreach strategies. The challenge is LinkedIn continues to impose more and more limits on your ability to use the platform to recruit unless you pay for their recruiting platform and paid advertisements and can spend the time over time to consistently build and engage your network.  If you are not a recruiter, that’s hardly practical or an effective use of your time. At OnCall we've done all that work for you since 2017 which is why coming to us for your staffing needs makes so much sense.

OnCall offers traditional Head-Hunting services as well as value packages to deliver a curated marketing effort that puts your job opening on the desktop, laptop, phone or tablet of every qualified and experienced aesthetics professional in your area.  But don’t just trust us, here’s what our clients say.

"I have used Oncall Medical Aesthetics for my recruiting needs for my clinic in Southern California. They are extremely professional and responsive and were successful placing an outstanding and seasoned physician assistant who is still with us today.  While it's true many of the job boards have a wide audience many of the best candidates don't use these traditional channels. Somehow, OnCall Medical Aesthetics Recruiting is able to reach these sought after candidates.  I'd highly recommend the

ho matches the culture of your clinic."

Dr. John Neely 

Destination Medspa

November 2023

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