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Getting Staffing Referrals from your Device Rep, Yikes!!

Updated: Mar 2

Employee Referrals from Aesthetic Device Reps?


Aesthetics Device sales representatives are typically responsible for selling products or services to other businesses. Unfortunately, physicians and practice owners frequently turn to their device sale representative for employee referrals when they are looking to hire. In recent OnCall survey 60% of responding employers said their device rep was the first place they went when looking for new staff.

This or her practice, while all too common place, is fraught with conflicts of interest that can damage practices, device reps and their companies, and prospective employees. This article outlines the dangerous conflicts of interest and their effects your practice, the device rep and his or her company, and prospective candidates.

General Conflicts of Interest

Providing recruiting services as an Aesthetics Device sales representative can create a conflict of interest because the representative's primary goal is to sell their company’s products or services to the client. If the representative also takes on responsibility for recruiting new employees for the client, there may be a temptation to prioritize candidates

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who are more likely to purchase more products or services from the representative's company, rather than those who are best suited for the job.

In addition, the representative's focus on selling products or services may take away from their ability to fully dedicate themselves to the recruiting process. This could lead to a less thorough search for potential candidates and could ultimately result in suboptimal hiring decisions for the client.

To avoid this conflict of interest, it is generally best for Aesthetics Device sales representatives to focus solely on selling their products or services to their clients and leave recruiting services to dedicated recruiting professionals or agencies.

Multi-Client Conflicts of Interest

Its also important to consider that recruiting staff from one prospective client for another existing or prospective client creates a conflict of interest for Aesthetics Device sales representatives. In this scenario, the representative may be perceived as having a bias towards certain clients, which could damage relationships with both clients involved.