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Aesthetics Practices: are unfilled jobs damaging your Brand Reputation?

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

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Aesthetic Medicine: some job openings are going unfilled for months and even YEARS in this industry!!! Unfilled jobs not only tarnish your business HR brand but cost you MONEY! "It’s easy to see the negative effects of vacancies on productivity, employee engagement and morale. However, it may be challenging to measure these without attaching a monetary value...

With an annual salary of $150,000 and a productivity multiplier of 2,230 working days per year, the cost of a vacancy would amount to $95,217. For example, if an annual turnover of 50 employees, 230 days a year, and 73 days for a filled position were $20 million, the estimated total COV would be $126,957." (


Aesthetic medicine is a HIGHLY competitive industry and if candidates perceive your medical practice is a revolving door of employees or that you are unable to fill roles in a timely manner, it will be extremely challenging to recover from this PR blunder, particularly in our current market in which many experienced clinical staff have left Aesthetics for primary care and greater pay and benefits due to the pandemic.

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