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1/4 Team Dynamics: 2021 Aesthetic Industry Survey Results

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

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Thank you all for participating in the OnCall Recruiting 2021 employee satisfaction survey for the Medical Aesthetics Industry. Over the coming weeks we will be releasing key findings from the survey to help you understand how workers feel about their work in Aesthetics practices around North America. This years response was overwhelming and there are several key findings that can help you attract and retain highly qualified staff to provide your clients and patients with the premium experience and results they have come to expect from the medical aesthetics community.

Over the last 6 weeks we have reached out to more than 20,000 industry professionals to get their feedback on Task Related Satisfaction, Team Dynamics, Compensation, Career Development and other key metrics surrounding their job satisfaction.

As the industry’s #1 trusted recruiter for aesthetic talent, we can offer unique insight and advice to make your 2022 a great year for finding, hiring and retaining top professional talent to serve your discerning clientele.

We have broken the survey results and analysis down into four broad categories. Team Dynamics, Compensation, Career Development and Task Related Satisfaction. Responses have been compared to industry benchmarks to determine, broadly, how we are performing as an industry. While the survey addresses a number of other metrics, the results in those areas are unremarkable when measured against industry benchmarks and so we have chosen not to focus this series on those areas. While we acknowledge there is likely some negative bias in the responses, our confidence in the general tone is buoyed by our anecdotal experience talking with hundreds of providers over the course of the year. We encourage management and owners to review these results and consider ways to improve H.R. in the areas where we seem to be failing and accentuate those areas where the industry fairs well if not exceptionally well when compared to the benchmarks.

Team Dynamics

While respondents we generally very positive with respect to their peer relationships and somewhat less enthusiastic about their immediate supervisor there appears to be a very clear and disturbing confidence and communication gap between senior management and the team[1]

medical aesthetics employee engagement survey results

medical aesthetics employee engagement survey results
medical aesthetics employee engagement survey results

While our survey results indicate some weakness in this area, our experiences with providers nationwide suggest for many practices this is an area of relative strength as coworkers generally get along and find their interactions with each other productive and pleasant.

As we see below, we begin to see a drop off in results as we extend the questioning to workers’ relationships with their immediate supervisors and ultimately with senior management.

medical aesthetics employee engagement survey results

This is an area of concern and requires further exploration at the individual practice level. Our experience indicates that often communication between ownership / senior management and floor managers is inconsistent, frequently personal & often subjective and this is likely the source of the benchmark gap with respect to immediate supervisory relationships.

medical aesthetics employee engagement survey results
medical aesthetics employee engagement survey results

Clearly this is a significant area of concern and in our experience is one of the leading causes of staff turnover. This issue is complicated by the medical nature our industry and the predominance of physician owned practices where primary care management techniques are being applied to a service business with poor results. We see further evidence of this in the subsequent questions and results indicating what seems in our experience to be a focus on a very narrow definition of success, namely revenue and lack of negative client feedback.

Staff clearly feels the same way noting a significant benchmark gap when asked about management’s recognition of a job well done.

Further complicating matters, the noted communication and recognition issues are leaving staff feeling undervalued (See Compensation) and even worse, untrusted. We find ourselves forced to ask if we were in a work environment where such a large “trust Gap” existed, how long would we stay?

medical aesthetics employee engagement survey results

[1] Top 2 Box Scores represent, for example, Strongly Agree, Somewhat Agree. Subsequent Boxes might include, Neutral, Somewhat Disagree and Strongly Disagree

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