ONCALL is a retained search firm.  This means we are paid a fee to conduct a search and locate prospective candidates for you.  But because we are industry experts we go a step further and qualify candidates based on our knowledge of the industry and the position you are looking to fill.  So there are a few things you need to know about how to get the best results in the shortest period of time from our search efforts on your behalf.


The hunt for the right candidate is a dynamic and iterative process.  Once we get started on your file we will develop as detailed a candidate profile as possible.  In order for us to do this effectively we “must” spend time with the clinical decision maker doing the hiring.  It’s very important that we talk directly to the person who is the hiring decision maker AND the person who has the clinical background to define the position.  This lets us explore all the options for defining the right candidate profile using our nuanced clinical understanding of the industry.  If we don’t speak directly with the clinical decision maker, the chances are high that our search will be unnecessarily narrow making it harder and more time consuming for both of us to find the right candidate.  Our ability to explore subtle differences in the Candidate description is one of the great advantages we bring to the table so neither of us wastes time.  A few extra minutes up front can save weeks on the back end.


We aim to get it right the first time but often we find we need to make subtle changes to the candidate profile after the first round of resumes are submitted to you.  While wholesale changes are NOT permitted and result in a new search with a new search fee, often we will tweak the search after the first round to better suit your expectations.  This is also the time when some clients will choose to upgrade to a Premium Search.  Our Premium Search extends the length of time for the search from 30 days to 45 days, expands the Job Board posting component of our search to include premium and paid job listings, and ramps up the frequency of social media promotions all in an effort to find more candidates in situations where the candidate pool is not driving the immediate results you need.


We offer a “Priority” service as well.  This condenses that Premium Search into 30 days, uses more paid Job Board research and ramps up the social media component of our service even more in an effort to fill the position as fast as possible in a tight market.


Most markets are a seller’s market when it comes to Med Spa labor.  With over 500% growth over the last 5 years the industry is growing very fast and the availability of qualified labor is tight.  This problem is compounded by traditionally low wages for most med spa staff leading to a highly mobile work force.  You should consider this when reviewing resumes – the large majority of qualified staff will look mobile, and clinical staff will be moving back and forth in and out of the hospital/Med Spa environments.  You should also consider how you plan to compensate your staff in a mobile employment environment.  A quick review of the marketplace can be very helpful in both attracting and keeping talent.  ONCALL Offers a low cost market research alternative that can help guide your decisions regarding compensation.  If you’re not sure how you stack up in the market feel free to ask us about our “Compensation Review” option.


Searches take time!  While it’s not always possible we encourage you to plan ahead.  So in those situations where its last minute we need you to understand that while we are working hard on your behalf, It’s simply not physically possible for a search to turn around candidates in less than 2 weeks.  From the time you agree to use our service we have to first develop the preliminary Candidate Profile, provide you with a service agreement and an invoice which must be paid before we assign a research associate to your file.  This will take 2 working days to get completed based on everyone’s availability and prompt responses—not always the case.  We then have to develop the job posting, post it to the job boards, and assign a researcher to your file.  The researcher will spend several days combing though our internal data base, reviewing linkedin profiles, sourcing Candidates from a variety of other online portals and contacting our industry HR Partners to gather a first round of resumes.  These resumes are then forwarded to one of our senior recruiters to be vetted generating the fist short list.  Sometimes we will forward these resumes to you for your comment/approval, other times we will go ahead into the preliminary interview stage where the assigned recruiter will conduct a short telephone interview to ensure the candidate is appropriate for submission to you.  While we can work to deliver resumes faster, that requires eliminating the recruiter preliminary interview which means the quality and availability of the candidates you get will not be as good and will waste some of your time – not a good idea in general.  So plan ahead and when you can’t plan ahead have a backup plan to cover your needs while you conduct a proper search.

Working with ONCALL to get the best results